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Patio #2 - Bar Patio

Swimming & Beach Area

Patio #6 - Upper Lakeside

Suitable for a small party by the water's edge, to the left of the launch-ramp, next to swimming area.  Picnic tables and trash receptacles. 

Located to the right of the dock gangway, suitable for a small party.  Picnic tables and trash receptacles.

Patio Reservaiton Fees:

$100.00 (0-50 PEOPLE)

$150.00 (51 OR MORE)

Suitable for a small party by the waters edge. Includes BBQ, partly shaded, electrical hook-up, picnic tables and trash receptacles.

All questions, changes, and cancellations regarding boat rentals, camping or patio reservations need to be addressed through the Marina directly.


Do not submit any of the above by email or the Contact Us feature of the website.  We will not reply.

Suitable for a small party. Partly shaded, lush lawns, picnic tables, & trash receptacles.  Near swimming area.

Day Use Fees:

Ramp Pass - $20.00 per day

Hand Launch - $15.00 per day

Daily Parking - $15.00 per day

Patio Area Reservations

Patio #3 - Scenic Patio

Lake Sonoma Marina has two designated swimming areas.

Swimming Area 1) Left of the launch ramp; Access is granted through the Swimming Patio which may be reserved. 

(Please check with Marina staff about reservations)

Swimming Area 2) The Overflow Parking Lot; Continue to the end of the Overflow Lot and walk down the hill for beach access.

You are welcome to swim and use our grass areas for the day as long as they have not been previously reserved by another party. 

Dogs welcome but must follow public leash laws at all times.

Patio #4 - Bridge Patio

Patio #7 - Lakeside Patio (B)

Suitable for a small party. Partly shaded, lush lawns, picnic tables, & trash receptacles.  Near swimming area.

Patio Rules & Regulations

Suitable for 0-200 people. BBQs, partly shaded, electrical hook-up, staging areas, lush lawns, picnic tables, trash receptacles.

Lake Sonoma Resort Area


Patio Reservations

  • Payment by credit card or check required upon reservation application.  Your application will not be processed unless both the Reservation Form and deposit are received by Lake Sonoma Marina and availability is confirmed.
  • All reservations are processed on a first come, first serve basis.
  • The patio rental fee does not include a parking fee of $15.00 per car and $20.00 for boat launch. However, arrangements can be made to prepay for parking.
  • If more people arrive than the original reservation indicated, there will be additional charges.
  • No pets allowed.
  • The patio area must be cleaned by your group after your event is over.
  • Lake Sonoma Marina reserves the right to deny outside entertainment which is not compatible with the Marina environment.
  • If renting a boat, it is encouraged to make advanced reservations for Marina Rental Boats (ie: canoes, fishing boats, ski boats).
  • Lake Sonoma Marina also provides catering services, if interested please ask for a copy of the menu. For catering services we request that at least 72-hour notice be given.
  • There will be an additional $50 fee for any band or DJ used at the marina paid to the Army Corp of Engineers with additional paperwork needed.
  • There will be a 10% cancellation fee for patio reservations.
  • There will an additional 10% fee if deposit is by credit card.
  • It is the renter’s responsibility to relay all rules and regulations to others at the event.

Patio Rental Hours:


Patio #1 - Grande Patio

Patio #5 - Lakeside Patio (A)

Suitable for 0-100 people. Includes BBQs, partly shaded, electrical hook-up, picnic tables, and trash receptacles.

Day-Use Patio Reservations are available all year! 

To reserve a patio area at Lake Sonoma Marina, you will need to submit a Patio Reservation Form and pay in advance.  That can be done at our Billing Office in Santa Rosa, by fax or email, or at Lake Sonoma Marina.  If you submit your application by fax or email, please follow up with our staff to confirm receipt and availability.

For availability or questions about patio reservations, please call the marina directly.